Limericks by Betty

Meet Betty who solos this act

Which has run for a century in fact,

She is the star

Though sometimes bizarre.

And often she does overact.


`A century ago and still living,

Betty was born on Thanksgiving

From good Quaker stock

She was ready to rock

Through a lifetime of greatest fulfilling.


When, as an infant of two,

Betty had little to do,

She played with the phone,

Then left it alone

’Til it scarily said, Gobble, gobble, gobble, I‘ll get you!


When Betty was only eleven,

She scheduled her road map to heaven:

Marry a lawyer with dough,

Have eight kids in a row,

And the world will become Seventh Heaven.


Now Betty was shy as a lass,

And spent time at her own looking glass,

Then, to her joy,

Came a nice Davis boy,

With lawyer ambitions and high in his class.


Well, Betty, they started out poor,

But soon were quite nicely secure,

The children brought joys:

Four girls and four boys,

And life was awhirl with allure.


With children they sailed off to Spain,

Then drove to Madrid in the rain,

With fun, friends, and cheer

They stayed half a year,

With adventure a daily refrain.


As a teacher dear Betty kept order,

The children obeyed and adored her,

She taught them to read

At commendable speed,

And not speak like a b b b b broken recorder.


In a century Betty’s goals are unmet,

In tennis she loses each set,

Her books never sell,

Her words don’t compel,

Yet, at a Hundred she’s everyone’s pet.


Betty’s blessings bring tears to herself,

Her memories don’t hide on a shelf,

Her family prediction

Goes far beyond fiction,

Watch her great grandchildren save this old world from itself!